Texas Homeowner Association Laws

By Bill Oliver
With more than 60 homeowners associations (HOA), the city of College Station TX is devoting staff time to staying on top of new state laws. Barbara Moore of College Station’s neighborhood services office says additional requirements for HOA’s will affect how she does her job. Before new laws took affect January 1st, Moore says they worked with recruiting and training new HOA officers. Now, she will be assisting HOA’s with complying with new open meetings and records requirements among other things.

Moore says a recent meeting with 80 HOA representatives and members of a HOA trade association generated some surprise from HOA leaders about the increased responsibility caused by new state laws.

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  1. Bill Kashouty says:

    Is there a Texas HOA (not Condo HOA) law that requires the HOA/POA to file with the County any bylaws or bylaw changes that their Board passes?

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