Can HOA Board Forgive Unpaid Assessments?

Q: Our homeowners association’s board of directors forgave homeowners who were two to three years behind on their assessments. This was done without our knowledge, and we found out about it before our annual meeting. Is this legal? This seems unfair to the homeowners who pay their dues every year.

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Read more here: –>HOA Financial Responsibility

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2 Responses to Can HOA Board Forgive Unpaid Assessments?

  1. Brenda Schupbach says:

    We recently had a POA annual meeting. At the meeting we asked for the President of the Board of Directors to step down from his position. We had a vote to remove him and he was voted out. He is refusing to leave his position. What are our next steps in order to get him off the board?

  2. Brenda Schupbach says:

    We are wanting to know if its fair to dismiss home owners dues that they hadn’t paid in years, and didn’t tell us about doing this. Is this legal for the board of directors to do this?

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