HB-1025 passed the 86th Texas legislative process and parts of the 209 statute are changing, NOW. This Act takes effect September 1, 2019, except Section 209.00591(a-3), Property Code, as added by this Act, which was enacted on 6/14/2019. That was the day that Governor Abbott signed it. This will not effect any sitting board members, but when their terms are up, they must follow this law.

All future elections can no longer have husband/wife or other relative relationship persons, residing in the same home, running or elected. IMHO, that should have existed all along – too much nepotism. 209.0059 (a-3) states “(a-3) A person may not serve on the board of a property owners’ association if the person cohabits at the same primary residence with another board member of the association.”

I want to thank the HOA Reform Coalition for all their hard work on getting this passed. I would also like to thank Representative Bohac and Senator Whitmore for sponsoring this legislative change and Governor Greg Abbott for signing it. THAT was bipartisanship action, at it’s best!

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