Weather, Disaster, & Flood Info

WEBSITES & LINKS: During a flood, hurricane,, etc., we all use a number of websites to get info from, so I thought I would share what I have used to get some of this info, so you have them in the future.

Weather Forecast page, I put together for our area: –> Click Here

National Hurricane Center:  –> Click Here

National Weather Center Hazardous Weather Alerts:  –> Click Here

Weather for Goodrich (radar maps & forecasts)  –> Click Here

INFRARED EAST CONUS MAP: This link will show you an animated future weather image of the our coastline. It updates every 5 minutes and it shows 8 hours of info:  –> Click Here

Trinity River near Goodrich info from NOAA:  –> Click Here

Trinity River from Dallas down to us & on:  –> Click Here

Long King Creek branch into the Trinity  –> Click Here

For all River waterways in Deep East Texas  –> Click Here

Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) for Lake Livingston  –> Click Here

Lake Livingston & Trinity River levels and flows:  –> Click Here

Use the ‘Rain & Water Levels’ on the left and from the drop down choose ‘Stage’ or ‘Flow’, zoom the map to enlarge the Livingston Lake area, and then go a little farther south from there to see the ‘Trinity near Goodrich’ info.

West Gulf River Forecast Center @ National Weather Service  –> Click Here

The Polk County Emergency Management Facebook page for info and notices:  –> Click Here

And, for me, I use ABC 13 Houston Facebook page:  –> Click Here

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