Category: Texas POA Statutes

Texas statutes and laws for homeowner and property owner organizations.

Texas Property Code Laws

The following links will take you to Texas Property Code laws that pertain to property buying, sell, maintaining, deed restrictions, etc.. Chapter 5: Texas Statutes pertaining to buying and selling of property. –> Link Chapter 51: Restrictive Covenants Applicable To Certain Subdivisions. –> Link Chapter 82: Uniform Condominium Act –> Link Chapter 201: Restrictive Covenants …

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Texas Business Organization Code for Non Profits

I have found that most homeowner / property owner corporations in Texas file as Nonprofit Corporations. The Texas law that deals with this type of corporation organization is the Business Organization Code. It can be found in Texas statutes for Business Organization Code, title 2. Corporations, Chapter 22 Nonprofit Corporations. To see the entire code  …

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