Good Practice – Modifying Property Owner Association Governing Documents

After going through some examples of changes made to governing documents by our property owners’ association, I am trying to put together a group of ‘best practices’, based on these examples and Texas state statutes.  I personally prefer the way that Texas changes their statutes, but this may not be useful to all property or homeowner associations.  Here is an example I put together of  ‘good’ practice. Note the difference between a modification and a complete revision of an Article.

This example clearly defines the Articles and items within them to be changed, but it does include several different changes. Normally, all POA residents are able to vote on governing document changes and because of that, I would prefer to see each modification / change / revision as a separate amendment so that the residents can clearly understand what they are voting on.  Lumping multiple changes into one document and one resident voting cycle can be confusing.  Many residents, and even Boards, will not understand that you can vote on EACH change individually.

Governing Documents - Multiple Changes
Governing Documents – Multiple Changes

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