Venomous Snakes Of Texas

VENOMOUS SNAKES IN TEXAS: Had a ‘visitor’ at my front door the other day, so passing this info and links along to others. The entire state of Texas is home to the following venomous snakes:

Texas Ags forum has a good post, full of images, to help identify venomous snakes in Texas –> Click Here . And, here is a general info Texas Parks and Wildlife video on venomous snakes in Texas –> Click Here .

The University of Texas Health Science Center has information about snake bites, prevention, and information:
IMPORTANT:  “Prevention is the key when dealing with snakes. Wear boots and heavy pants when hiking. Avoid walking in tall grass or underbrush and do not reach into rocky crevices, under logs or rocks.  Do not try to kill a snake – ANY snake, and if you see what appears to be a dead snake, do not touch it.  A snake can strike up to one hour after death. ”  Call the South Texas Poison Help Line at 1-800-222-1222.  For more info from South Texas Poison Center –> Click Here.



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