Best Practice – Modifying Governing Documents

BEST PRACTICE IN MODIFYING GOVERNING DOCUMENTS: When reviewing the governing document changes that have been done by the HLECC, I found a lot of confusion in what was changed and what remained. I just wanted explain how it should be done, per Robert’s Rules of Order, along with an example of how Texas does modifications to their governing documents using those rules.

There are 2 ways of changing a document: 1. Amendment = some small section is being added, removed, or modified (example below). 2. Complete Revision = a major modifications is being done to the governing document and it should be stated that the entire section is being replaced by the new wording. For example, if ARTICLE I of the Bylaws is being modified extensively, the Polk County filed document should read: The entire contents of ARTICLE I of the bylaws is being removed and restated as follows: blah, blah……

Here is an example of a Texas Law that was amended in the last legislative cycle. Note the original text of the law is stated and ‘underlines’ are used for text that is being added and ‘strike-outs’ for text being removed.

Governing Documents Best Practice
Best Practice 1

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