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  1. Teresa Clarke says:

    I live In North Atascocita where several houses are abandoned and vandalized daily by students from the area. Police was called no action was taken with the excuse of not having a home owner who should be the one to complaint. However, we the neighbors witnessed this over and overdo again. We fear for our own safety and for the safety of our community. HOA does not do anything except callect the home owners’fees or in he worse case scenario send a letter to who ever is in charge of those properties as far as we know they are owned mostly by the banks. We do not any see any action taken.
    Would you please be kind enough to help us. We want to take action, however, we do not know where to starter. No one seem to care what happen in our neighborhood.
    Schools are out for a week for Spring break. We will have he students unsupervised running in our streets vandalizing those houses mentioned above.
    We need help.

  2. Teresa Clarke says:

    Atascocita North needs help by HOA,the Police,and the homeowners

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