HOA’s & Ducks

A lot of people think, hey, my subdivision has deed restrictions, and a group of people ‘in charge of it’, but we are NOT an HOA. Remember, if it walks like a duck…etc.. Homeowner Association = HOA or POA or COA or CC or Homeonwer Association or Property Owner Association or Condo Owner Association or Homeowner/Property Owner Civic Club, when it comes to Texas State Law.


  1. Jim & Linda Helton

    Hello I need a copy of our dues statement for financial reason. and I need it as soon
    as possible please. I asked for this a copy of months back and we have never received a copy.
    our house in HLE is 344 Idylwood Goodrich Texas … please email a copy to manx45@hotmail.com

    • hleowner

      If your address is correct with Polk County Appraisal district, you should have received a bill by now.


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