Gun Use in Holiday Lake Estates

Over the last several days, I have been researching and talking to officials about the use of guns in a subdivision within the unincorporated areas of Polk County Texas, like Holiday Lake Estates.  I found out several things, from various sources:

Deed Restrictions for HLE – ALL Sections: “No hunting or shooting of firearms shall be permitted in the Subdivision.”  Note:  This is in the area of the HLE Deed Restrictions that say – “the following reservations, restrictions, covenants and easements to apply uniformly on the use, occupancy and conveyance of all lots in said Subdivision“.  Note:  Per Texas state law, Deed Restrictions ‘run with the land’.

Texas State Law: Link to firearms law from the state of Texas for unincorporated areas: –> Click Here.  Since I could find nothing specific on County websites, I asked Ken Hambrick and he advised me to talk to the Polk County Sheriff about this.  I did that on 9/26/2016 and I was told several things, by a representative there.  First, there are state laws for ‘disorderly conduct’ that would apply –> Click Here. Read Sec. 42.01. DISORDERLY CONDUCT, items 4 through 9. Then, he told me to review the Texas Penal Code for ‘deadly conduct’, which led me to this info –  –> Click HereNote: Further info below

Polk County Justice Court, Precinct 1: My next step was to go to Judge Longino’s office. (Note: Further info below).  I asked if the normal Justice Court forms and procedures for Deed Restriction violations could be used if the Deed Restrictions were not being enforced by the POA Board.  I was told that they could be used.  Links to these procedures  – –> Click Here and Fees –> Click Here and Forms –> Click Here .

Further Info:  First, I use clickable links to laws, documents, etc., because these laws or documents could change in the future.  I leave it up to you to click on the link and read the data within it, knowing it will be the most current info.

When I discussed the incident that started my research on this, the the representative of the Polk County Sheriff explained the safety considerations that apply to the use of guns in subdivisions. It seems that in the unincorporated areas of Polk County, some state laws do not apply but others do.  He told me that, at the very least, disorderly conduct and deadly conduct laws applied.  The Sheriff, when called on these matters, looks at how and where the shooting occurred, such as – did the bullet go across a property boundary, public road, public location, etc..  In those circumstances, they would take action.

Most properties within HLE are not large enough to allow for a bullet not to go across these boundaries.  But, he did say that if someone has set up a device that could stop the bullet from going across a property line (ie: berm, bullet trap, shoot toward ground, etc.), they would not take action.  In that situation, he warned that if for some reason, the target was not hit, or the bullet ricocheted off the ‘trap’, and hit a person, building, etc, the Sheriff would get involved.  If you are in doubt, calling the Sheriff is a prudent thing to do.

On A Personal Note: Please do not misinterpret what I am saying here as a my own personal beliefs about my interactions with my neighbors or their use of firearms. In this particular situation that led me to do further research, there were some concerns about human and animal safety.  It was said that dogs were being shot at, from a road.


  1. Ed Clevenger

    I feel the law as expressed is fair. As I have previously expressed, use of a firearm in self defense against man or beast is lawful. To shoot in retaliation is a no no. So thankful you do all the research you do. The important thing is that the use of a firearm should always be done with extreme care, like wise never in a careless or dangerous manner.


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