First Polk County Enterprise Ad

Ad from June 7, 1962 Polk County Enterprise for Holiday Lake Estates lots for sale. “Large wooded lots for weekend home or retirement”. I found the reference to the ‘Old Humble Camp Road’ conjuring up images of what HLE must have looked like from the very beginning. Was it accessible by a paved road or was it an original logger dirt road, as some still are in east Texas? Think about this, we live in a subdivision that has a 56+ year history.

Charles Owens added some historical info in response to this ad posting on the FB group:
Sharon, my brother is 81 yrs old & he was born here.   My Dad sharecropped here, from Charlie’s Dad. This area was a farm at one time.  My Mother was raised down the road, by Pixley’s land.  My Grandad owned 120 acres of land.  They sold it back in the middle 1950’s, after my Grandad passed away.

I am hoping to get Charles (and others) to share more of these memories.

First Holiday Lake Estates Ad
First Holiday Lake Estates Ad

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