Holiday Lake Estates Document Request

In Texas, you have a legal right to request documents & records from your homeowner association. Property Code 209 gives you that right, specifically –> 209.005. I have done this myself by sending the HLECC a certified letter request in 2009. I received the records from their attorney. In 2017, during Harvey, the printed records were destroyed during the flood. When I requested them, they were digitized, creating a backup version of them. Good thing I sent that request. NOTE: records should always be backed up including your personal items. You may ask for specific records, or all of them. Here is what a request for ALL documents include::

  • All documents provided by the developer, such as community maps, plats, plans, land surveys, permits. (original maps are also available at the Polk County Clerk’s office)
  • Recorded Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and any amendments.
  • Rules and Regulations.
  • All board meeting Agendas and Minutes, and related documentation.
  • Association’s Insurance policies and records.
  • Recorded instruments related to all properties owned by the Association.
  • All rental records/contracts of the Association, if the Association acts as a rental agent.
  • Association documents related to membership voting, the election of officers, directors, and membership approvals, such as Ballots, Proxies, Notices, Minutes.
  • Membership roster that includes the Association’s members’ mailing addresses, units/lot, and telephone numbers.
  • Association’s third-party agreements or contracts.
  • Copies of Judgments, Liens, or any encumbrances recorded against, or on behalf of the Association.
  • All Association accounting records for the past 7 years, including but not limited to:
    1. Records of receipts and expenditures,
    2. Current account ledgers for each member of the Association reflecting the member’s name, amount and due date of each annual assessment, payments made to the account and the current balance due,
    3. All Association financial reports, reviews, and audits,
    4. All contracts for work to be performed, including bids,
    5. Invoices for purchases made by the Association
  • Other Association official records that relate to the operation and management of the community.

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