What To Do During A Flood Warning

Here are a number of things to be aware of during a flood warning.

  • Monitor EAS, NOAA Weather Radio, or local alerting systems for current emergency information and instructions.
  • Safely store important documents such as insurance papers. Move items of personal value
    such as photos, family films or treasured mementos.
  • Depending on where you are, and the level of flooding, go to the safe location that you previously identified.
  • Do not walk, swim, or drive through flood waters. Six inches of fast-flowing water can knock over an adult and two feet of water can move a car. Turn Around, Don’t Drown!
  • If told to evacuate, do so immediately. Never drive around barricades. (Local responders use them to safely direct traffic out of flooded areas.)
  • If you are stuck in your home, then go to its highest level. Do not climb into a closed attic. You may become trapped by rising floodwater. Go on the roof only if necessary. Once there, signal for help.
  • Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies when flood water is about to enter your home if safe to do so. DO NOT touch sources of electricity when standing in flood water. Even several inches of water is unsafe.
  • If you are waiting to be evacuated, tie a white towel or other item outside of your egress window.
  • Stay off of bridges over fast-moving water. Fast-moving water can wash bridges away without warning.
  • If your vehicle is trapped in rapidly moving water, then stay inside. If water is rising inside the vehicle, then seek refuge on the roof.

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