Holiday Lake Estates Property Owner Stats

Holiday Lake Estates is a recreational property subdivision in Polk County Texas that was registered with the state in the mid 1960’s as a property owners’ association,  As you drive through HLE, you will see some houses, some empty lots, and some wooded areas of vacant land.  Some of the property owners live permanently in the subdivision, but most live in other geographic areas.  I have gathered information from public domain records about the ownership of HLE and wanted to share some statistics about it.  Per public deed and appraisal district records:

  • There are 461 ‘unique’ property owners, excluding those who are deceased, county owned, or HLECC owned properties.
  • Of those 461 unique owners, many own multiple properties.
  • 22 currently recorded property owners are deceased.
  • 181 of those 461 unique property owners are alive and living in Goodrich TX.
  • Which leaves 280 property owners who live outside of Goodrich TX and are not residing full time on their HLE properties.
  • Those 280 ‘out of town’ owners comprise 60%+ of the property owners in HLE, which constitutes a majority.
  • Some of those 280 owners live as far away as New York state, Washington state, and northern California.
  • The vast majority of the ‘out of town’ owners would have a very long, drive to Goodrich to attend the HLECC meetings.

NOTE:  These stats are from public Polk County records, only.  Any person with a computer and a will to spend days at the county offices can gather this same info.




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