Harvey Damage at HLE – Repairs Needed Drain 1

FIRST DRAINAGE CULVERTS – GERLACH LAKE: The first pics show the area where there should be a concrete weir box for drainage. I am told that under there is a broken pipe that slowly drains some water. The second pic shows the grate that used to go over that weir box to protect it from large items destroying the pipes. The piping here is old concrete and I am told that there are smaller ‘repair’ pipes inside of it. This pipe goes under River Road to drain into Devil’s Lake area. In the third pic, you can see that old concrete pipe on the Devil’s Lake side. It is running, but very little flow. The next 2 pics are the crushed plastic culverts (sorry pics not great) that are supposed to drain the water that flows from Devils Lake, under Devils Pass Rd., and into retention area.  These 2 are the ones that a resident offered to fix but was told it could not be done because these are county roads.

Drainage Culvert #1 - 1
Drainage Culvert #1 – 1
Drainage Culvert #1 - 2
Drainage Culvert #1 – 2
Drainage Culvert #1 - 3
Drainage Culvert #1 – 3
Drainage Culvert #1 - 4
Drainage Culvert #1 – 4
Drainage Culvert #1 - 5
Drainage Culvert #1 – 5

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