Deed Restriction Violations Enforcement

It has been stated, by a few of the HLE Board members, that once the HLE Deed Restrictions have been violated by one resident, they cannot be enforced by any HLE Board for any resident. It was also stated that there is a ‘4 year rule’ that supports this. I got clarification of the ‘4 year rule’ at my meetings today. It is true that if ONE resident violates a particular deed restriction and it is not enfoced by the HLE Board within 4 years, that deed restriction cannot be enforced for that resident and that particular violation ONLY. But, any new violation of that Deed Restriction by that resident or any other resident CAN be enforced by the HLE Board or brought to justice court by any Board member or subdivision resident. If you are having a deed restriction problem, with a neighbor, please bring it to the attention of the HLE Board, FIRST. That is one of their responsibilities.


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