HLE Water Supply

Holiday Lake Estates, Goodrich TX, gets it’s tap water from a private corporation – Pixley Water Supply.  Their payment office is here in Goodrich, on Route 2665, and payments can be dropped off at anytime.  If you need to talk to a person about your payment, the office is currently open on Thursday and Friday mornings.  This could change at any time.

All private and public water companies are overseen by the TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  If you have a problem with your water, FIRST call Pixley Water company to try to resolve it – (936) 365-2418, If you do not get resolution to your problem, you can contact TCEQ. Start with their Water Quality Division – 512-239-4671.

Any HLE resident can view any ongoing complaints and reports by going to the TCEQ record for Pixley Water Supply –> Click Here.  Then click on any of the many links under the ‘Related Information‘ section on that page.  To see any unresolved violations, click on the ‘Notice of Violations‘ link.  It could be that your problem is already being investigated, but don’t be afraid to report it again,

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