Harvey Damage at HLE – Repairs Needed Drain 3

THIRD DRAINAGE CULVERT – GERLACH LAKE: The third, and last, culvert for Gerlach Lake is near the corner of Walnut and River Rd. It’s grate was also pulled out prior to Harvey. It is still flowing but because of the amount of dirt and silt that went through it during the flood, the earth on the outlet side has piled up, restricting it’s outward flow and burying a lot of the culvert in the dirt. The weir box is definitely undersized too.

Drainage Culvert #3 - 1
Drainage Culvert #3 – 1
Drainage Culvert #3 - 2
Drainage Culvert #3 – 2
Drainage Culvert #3 - 3
Drainage Culvert #3 – 3

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