Links to Polk County TX Area Info, News, Weather

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1.  Google Map of Polk County:  –> Click Here  Interesting fact is that 80% of the population of Polk County TX live in unincorporated areas of the county (An unincorporated area generally refers to the part of a county which is outside any municipality, city, township, etc..)

2.  Polk County profile:   Current population & demographics  –> Click Here
….. Historical census figures –> Click Here

3.  Polk County history:  –> Click Here

4.  Polk County Regulations, Permits & Guidelines:  Residential buildings, septic & 911  –> Click Here
….. For subdivisions, business, etc.  –> Click Here

5.  Polk County Emergency Management on Facebook – get alerts:  –> Click Here
….. And, on the internet:  –> Click Here

6.  Polk County Landfills (dumps, garbage, waste, etc):  Collection Station Rates –> Click Here
….. Landfill Rates  –> Click Here
….. Hours of Operation for Both –> Click Here (HLE closest location is on 146S)

7.   Polk County Sheriff on Facebook:  –> Click Here
….. And, on the internet:   –> Click Here

8.  Trinity River Authority on Facebook:  –> Click Here
….. And, on the internet:  –> Click Here  (use the drop down menus on the top to find flow rate or water levels).

9.  Texas Department of Transportation on Facebook:  –> Click Here
….. And, on the internet:  –> Click Here
….. Driving conditions in our area: –> Click Here

10.  Weather for our area on the internet:

11.  News for our area:

12.  Polk County Arrests: –> Click Here
…….. And, inmate list –> Click Here

13.  Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunting and Fishing Regulations –> Click Here – Remember, no hunting in HLE.

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