LONDA LYNN DAM/SPILLWAY: With the current possible flood warning, and the effects of Harvey on our community, I feel compelled to write this. I know, first hand, that in 2017, one of the HLECC board members contacted TCEQ multiple times to get the scheduled inspection of the Londa Lynn dam and spillway completed. I am attaching a screen shot of the TCEQ info on file today. Per previous inspections, the TCEQ deemed the spillways to be ‘inadequate’. IMHO, before we spend monies, we need to know the current condition of the dam/spillway. I mentioned to a resident, yesterday, that maybe a petition from the HLE residents to TCEQ would move things along.

Londa Lynn Spillway/Dam Report 3/28/2018
Londa Lynn Spillway/Dam Report 3/28/2018

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