HLECC December 2016 and January 2017 Meeting Minutes

I requested an original copy of the December 2016 and January 2017 meeting minutes from the HLECC Secretary.



John called the meeting to order at  9 a.m.

Roll Call  - present; John Schierenberg, Skeeter Bradley, Jackie Berry, Darlene Inman, Jim Green, Earlene Harper,  Roz Caldwell   Kitty Schierenberg, Dan Summy.  Excused:  Bobby Bridwell and Ken Scott.  Quorum met.

Invocation given by Jackie Berry

John announced that Gloria Christenberry resigned and a new secretary would be needed to replace Gloria. Kitty Schierenberg nominated David Scarbo.  David declined and nominated Roz, seconded by Jim Green.  No other nominations.  John called for a vote and vote carried.  Roz Caldwell approved as secretary.         

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:  Correction of November 8 meeting made by Skeeter.  It was a workshop not meeting since 7 day notice not given.  Motion to approve minutes as corrected made by Kitty, second by  David and motion carried.      

FINANCIALS:  Jackie highlighted financials and stressed the need to have fund raisers soon after the first of the year.  Financials attached and made part of these minutes. Maintenance fee bills will be going out first of December.  Taxes are due and need to be paid.  They are $1284.71.  John asked for copies of the tax bills and the need to have a committee to go over tax bill and identify the specific properties in the bill.  Motion to approve the tax bill made by Kitty and second by Roz, and motion carried.

COMMUNIICATIONS/BILLS:  Danny Davis asked about restriction for section 2-7.  John replied that topic will be discussed later on the agenda.

POOL:  Darlene reported fence and gate still needs repair.  Part needed for the pump.

SOCIAL:  Darlene reported plans for Christmas pot luck dinner on Dec. 17th   at 6 pm  .  White Elephant Christmas party for the children and adults.  

ELECTION COMMITTEE: Nothing to report at this time. Correction: see  Alternates below*

INSURANCE:  Earlene reported called Allstate which they would not do.  Travelers requires certain information which she will follow up on.  She will contact State Farm.

MANGEMENT CERTIFICATE:  Two sets of Deed Restrictions filed with state have different wording.  One was voted on and one was not.  It’s still in holding to be discussed further.  

LAWN MOWER STORAGE BLDG:  Skeeter stated he and Louise bought the building and placed in L.L. park to store lawn equipment.   

DEED RESTRICTIONS:  John stated there is a lot of confusion over the various restriction documents concerning sections 2-thru 5.  John gave an over-view.  

Danny Davis pointed out there were several people living in portable buildings  Skeeter stated we need a complete new or over-haul on By Laws & Deed Retractions to be complaint with statutes.

John stated the need to have board members & from the property owners to make suggestions on what deed restrictions would benefit the community. He asked Jim Green to chair special committee with Danny Davis, Skeeter, to gather information from property owner’s First workshop this coming Tuesday at 6:00 pm.  

Another restriction change in law is that just because a restriction has not been enforced in the past doesn’t apply today.  The law now states they can be enforced.

BY-LAW CHANGES:  Discussion concerning funds approved from previous board of $1000.00 could or could not be carried forward to current board.   To be determined at next meeting.  Tabled for now.  

LATE FEES:  General consensus is we can’t go back further than 4 years. We need a copy of the actual law. Payment plans are available.

GOLF COURSE:  $180.00 gets us 9 holes.  Additional cost for grass in spring.  2 holes at clubhouse, 1 on each side of L.L. spillway, 1 at l.L. boat ramp, & four other proposed locations.  

CPA AUDIT:  Only two CPA's locally.  Aubrey CPA (works with other POA's),  Ally  Rhodes, and  Shelly Bush - attorney recommended by Skeeter.  Roz seeking written quotes for next meeting.

RETAIN LAWYER:  Need 2-3 candidates.  Kitty advocated Derek Johnson.  Skeeter stated at the second special meeting in November a vote was taken whether or not to hire Johnson and he was voted down.


DEED RESTRICTIONS 2-5:    Previously discussed.

AGENDA & MINUTES: Roz stated agenda items can be added up to 7 days prior to a regular meeting, and 3 days for special meeting.  Roz stated that  board members need to have the previous meeting minutes and financials in hand at least one or two days prior to up-coming meeting.  John had no problem on the financials passed out in advance but By-Law change will be needed on how best to handle minutes.

*ALTERNATES:  Kitty read the “Elections Amendment” in the By Laws - tabled for now & will be taken up at next meeting.   

WEBSITE:  John stated the website must be owned by HLECC.  Roz offered to pay for the site and put it into the HLECC name.  

DAM REPORTS:  TCEQ report will take 3-4 months to get back to us.  David reviewed with Skeeter where and what needed to be done to get the dam up par. Roz's neighbor, Mr. Ed Smart spoke during the exam of the dam that he knew of a new, improved sealer for the cracks.  

TRESPASSING ON THE DAM:  Kitty made a motion that signs stand and sheriff’s office to be called for violators and tickets given.  Roz second and motion carried.  Only maintenance people should ever be on dam.

FUTURE AGENDA: Define the area at the dams that there is to be no trespassing

ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn made by Jim Green, second by Skeeter.  Motion carried












JANUARY 28, 2017



CALL TO ORDER -9:05 am:

INVOCATION: Raymond Summy

ROLL CAL:- John S., Skeeter B., Roz C., Darlene I., Bobby B., Earlene H. Ken S.

  Jim G., Dan S., David S,. Kitty S,   Absent: Jackie B.

CALL FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION: Summary of session was on the validity of write in

 & moving a write in into a vacancy on the board.

RETURN TO REGULAR MEETING: Bobby B. made a motion that we hire attorney Derek

  Johnson to review our By Laws and make suggestions on election issues.  

  Second by Kitty S.  Roll call vote:  Darlene abstained; Kitty-yes; Bobby-yes; Ken-

   Earlene-yes; Skeeter-no; David-no; Jim-no; Dan-no; -no; Roz-no.  Motion did  not carry.

Ken made the motion to move Mary up on the board & make the ballots right, second made by Jim.  Short discussion. Darlene-yes; Kitty-no; Ken-yes; Bobby yes; Earlene-yes; Skeeter-yes; David-yes; Dan-yes Roz-yes. Motion carried

MINUTES-Read and motion to approve minutes as corrected made by Kitty, second by                      Skeeter, &  motion carried.  

FINANCIALS –Jackie absent  Financials came in late from bookeeper.  John will email to board for

their records. Financials will be attached and made part of these minutes.

Skeeter referenced $6.5 still being carried needs to be corrected.  Also, need to stop the automated payments to SHECO. He also pointed out that we had

Only had $4000 remaining in the budget for the remaining fiscal year.  

Motion to approve financials made by Bobby, second by Kitty.  Motion carried.

COMMUNICATIONS & BILLS:  Resident can set up a payment plan if they are behind on    Maintenance fees.

RESIDENTS & VISITORS COMMENTS & PETITIONS:  Discussion concerning committee meeting

  Scheduled and then canceled.  Sweeter and Jim wanted to schedule another

  Committee workshop (not special meeting) to continue efforts to obtain

 property owners input.  John agreed and asked to be notified.  Some confusion

on board meetings vs. committee meetings & quorums.



SOCIAL:  One rental besides AA.  Darlene would like to know rental fee for AA. Christ-     mas party for kids &  Santa was awesome for all.

POOL:    Darlene would like help to repair gate & fencing.  Waiting for pump repair.

      Jim made a motion to research cost of pool company to maintain pool.         Bobby second the motion.  Discussion on affordability of pool company.  Motion carried for someone to get outside bids.         

PARKS:  Jim to get bids on repair of mower.

AQUATICS :  Jim or Skeeter to check on weed chemicals on hand and move to portable        building.

LEGAL Bobby restated that the Management Certificate is still in need of redoing.       Until a decision is made on an attorney to use, we cannot move forward on                     the Management Certificate.

ELECTIONS:  Kitty passed out copies (barely readable) and stated she was making a        proposal to amend the By Laws regarding write ins because, in her

    opinion, our By Laws did not support write ins. Kitty stated she                considers this proposal her first reading.  (No motion or vote made to        a ccept this proposed amendment or vote).  

    Kitty stated there were three vacancies coming up in the next election .       Bobby Bridwell’s term expires, Kitty said she took Pat Coleman’s seat, and

    Dan Summy’s term is up (no mention on who he supposedly replaced).       Roz challenged the validity of hers and Dan’s term.

*     (correction: strike last comment starting with “Roz challenged…” )


    John asked Darlene to form a committee to help with the Memorial  plague

       to honor board members that have died.  


SPECIAL RESTRICTIONS COMMITTEE:  Covered previously for most part.  Jim made      a motion for the workshop be set for February 11, Sat at 10 am.  Darlene          second the motion and motion carried.

        HLEVFD:  Bobby reported  3 fire calls (2 asst. calls).



INSURANCE:   Earlene got a quote from State Farm for the civic club building and Pool    `   of $550.annually, liability only.  Bobby made the motion to invite Miss

    Adds to a Special Meeting tor Q & A Sat. Feb.11th at 1 pm.  Darlene second

    The motion and motion carried. 

DEED RESTRICTIONS FOR SECTIONS 2-5:  Waiting on assignment of attorney to work       on Governing Documents.

LATE FEES & TIME PAYMENTS:  Discussed in Financial report.

BY LAW UPDATING:  Discussed earlier…waiting for decision on what attorney to use.

DAM REPAIRS GOLF PLANS & COST:  Nothing new.  Waiting on TCEQ report.

PRPOSED GOLF COURSE:  Motion made to approve golf course if it does not cost the home owners any money made by Jim.   Kitty second and it carried.

              Kitty volunteered to help with fundraiser to cover cost.

CPA AUDIT:  Aubrey bookkeeping submitted bid of $350.  Darlene made the motion to

go with Aubrey for $350 per year and for the fiscal year 2015-2016.   Second

 by Earlene, and motion carries.

MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE & ATTORNEY:   Jim made the motion to retain Travis

     Kitchens to do our Management Certificate, By Laws, & Restrictions.  Second

     by David Scarbo.  Motion carried.



WEB PAGE:   Web page domain has been purchased and paid for through Dec. 2017.

     Need someone to maintain the site.  Roz made the motion to accept

   The website gift and find someone to set up the website and maintain it.  

    second by Ken.  Motion carried.


ADJOURNMENT:  Ken made the motion to adjourn, second by David and motion carried


Roz Caldwell, Secretary









  1. Vada Coppolo

    I have not gotten a bill for maintenance dues. Can you send me one?
    Vada and Bob Coppolo
    107 DogWood Ln .
    Goodrich, Tx. 77335

    • hleowner

      Vada, since you are online, the best things to do is to contact Kay Hardy, through email. She can email you, or mail you, a new invoice. You can contact her at khardy@eastex.net


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