Category: Dams, Spillways & Floods

Links and information about our waterways, dams, and spillways and any flooding as a result of failure or overflow.

Weather Disaster Info

WEBSITES & LINKS: During a flood, hurricane,, etc., we all use a number of websites to get info from, so I thought I would share what I have used to get some of this info, so you have them in the future. National Hurricane Center: AccuWeather for Goodrich (radar maps & forecasts)…/77335/weather-forecast/2110141 Trinity …

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Am I In A Flood Zone?

Some properties in Holiday Lake Estates are completely or partially in a Flood Zone.Β  At the end of this post, I have included a map from county records that shows much of the flood zone areas – colored in yellow-green – and the waterways – colored in blue.Β  My particular property is mostly below the …

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