HOA Accountability

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  1. Randall Jenkins says:

    I own a condo in Dallas that’s an old structure with a pier and beam foundation. Last year my unit was flooded by a common plumbing line leak. The management knew of the leak and notified three of the four units that share the common interior pipe until they found the leak. No one ever contacted me about the leak or the possibility of water in my unit. My unit was flooded and sit with water in my unit for over 6 weeks. I now have HIGH levels of TOXIC mold and unable to enter the unit. The HOA or management will not repair the damage or remove the mold in my unit. However, the HOA or the management has not informed anyone else in our building of possible mold risk. Does the HOA have any responsibility to inform other homeowners?

  2. Tom C says:

    Have you not informed your neighbors of the problem?

    I would think that the Board would inform them as well, bit if its as bad as you state, would’nt the stink alone tell them something is wrong?

    Im always amazed at what the Board will or will not do, especially when in comes to common sense and just plain human decency….most seem to just bail on their responsibilities as a member of the human race in favor as a member of the board.

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