Legislator ‘oops’ on HOA Legislation HB-2160

by Kathleen Stinson
Arizona House Bill 2160, authored by Scottsdale Republican state Rep. John Kavanagh and approved by the state House earlier this week, sets new standards for condominium and HOA board elections. It will now go before a Senate committee.

Kavanagh said his bill guarantees secret ballots, prohibits an HOA from including endorsements in official board mailings, prohibits counting ballots before the close of an election, allows for a representative from each candidate to observe the counting, and provides that any identifying information be placed on the outer envelope and not on the ballot itself.

Kavanagh said his bill does not require HOAs to disclose the vote counts to its members “because I never imagined an HOA not announcing the vote numbers.

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One Response to Legislator ‘oops’ on HOA Legislation HB-2160

  1. Arden R. Knapp says:

    How can anyone claim to have “freedom of choice”, if they are “forced” to be members of a HOA? Texas a “right to work” state, and goes out of the way to make sure no one is “forced” to belong to a union, while at the same time, people are forced to belong to an HOA. A union fights for each of the members to obtain rights and benefits. What does an HOA do, other than threaten members for flying a flag, or extorting membership fees, then giving NOTHING in return.

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